Eric Nam is one of those singers that we love in theory.  We love the sound of his voice and he brings a great amount of charisma to everything he does.  We just don’t like most his songs as much as we think we should

..and it’s entirely because we don’t think that what he chooses to do does his voice justice.

Let us explain.  Nam has one of the better tenor voices on either side of the Pacific Ocean and when he shines he really shines.  His tendency to trend towards more generic pop production choices, though, means that he has to make up for the lack of color in the beatwork and he starts a deficit in terms of making the song memorable.  This dynamic is at play hard on his new EP.

Vocally, we are completely about every minute of this.  He has a lovely sense of emotion to his tone and everything about his performance kept drawing us in.  Lyrically, Nam knows how to accentuate syllables to make the stick for certain words and the writing for all the songs tells stories that are relatable and have resonance.  It’s just all tied up with a bit of a sloppy bow.  As hard as we tried to focus in on him, the immense similarity of four of the tracks’ beatwork kept pushing us out.

What we would love is for him to use production that has that little extra something.  In this set, Don’t Call Me is the track that should have set the tone for the rest.  While it has that similar acoustic guitar-led beginning, the synth lines in the chorus makes it stand out against everything else in the set.

All that being said, this is still worth a listen.  We don’t think that most people will enjoy every song here, but they will find one that clings to them the right way.

Our favorite tracks are Don’t Call Me and Lose You.  The most skippable is Honestly.