I think we can officially say we are Twice fans now.  If there is a female group out there that has managed to grow more than we ever expected, this is the one.

The main reason for our growing like for them is that we are getting more and more from each individual member in terms of personality in their vocals.  Yes, there are the designated soloists who’s tones are strong and really can deliver on a track, but even Momo has started coming with more auditory goodness in recent projects.  The harmonies are very nice as well.  It is obvious there there are no full-group harmonies here (nothing is rich enough for a nine-member sound), but we forgive that because we know there are two members who are primarily rappers and there are layering effects that seem to hint that they are all singing at once in several places.  They do a good job of filling out the production in places without overdoing it for the ears, creating nice balance and smooth transitions.

The production is solid.  There are five tracks in total here (six when the physicals are released) and they almost all have a different sound.  The title track and Dejavu are very Twice and has that signature sound they have developed for themselves.  Sweet Talker is very Jpop, HO! is doo-wop throwback, and Say Yes is a good ending pop ballad.

This individual growth is showing itself most in the quality of the tracks they release.  They are no longer relying on their cuteness factor to sell subpar tracks.  It started with Signal where there was as much effort put into the non-single tracks as there was the title tracks and has grown from there.  This EP especially shows just how far they have come as it is incredibly hard to pick favorites despite the limited choices we are given.

The lyrics (from what we’ve seen) have grown a little as well.  These ladies are still young, so we don’t expect them to come out with a Hoya-style jam just yet, but they are definitely seeing that their material is growing with them in terms of how subjects are framed and how they have somewhat transitioned from cutesy to coy.  It is nice to see that there isn’t going to be an attempt to keep them stagnant; it will let them branch out as people and artistically.

To sum up, we think this is a win and worth more than a single listen.  If you are not a Twice fan, we suggest you start with Signal and move to this before trying some of their other work; it allows you to see them at their best before you see what came before.  If you are already a Once, you’re going to love this and ache for more.

Our favorite tracks are Sweet Talker and Dejavu.  We found nothing worth skipping in this set.