Not that they care, they’ve have had a massive fandom pretty much since debut, but we haven’t been that into TWICE.  Though we were more into TWICEcoaster than the previous two EPs, most of their discography leaves us cold thanks to an adherence to either saccharine-sweet or largely inoffensive production and vocals choices outside of their chosen singles.  We figured TWICE would just be one of those groups that we would like a few things from but wouldn’t expect much more from in the future.

But, allow us to happily exclaim, WE LIKE THIS.

While the ladies themselves may only be about two years older than when they debuted, there is a lot more maturity in this set than their previous ones.  No; they don’t sound like women twice (hahaha) their age and their overall style is still youthful, bright, and happy.  What has changed are the vocal and production choices for the non-singles of the album.  There have always been hints at their ability to give us something more than just girl-pop on previous releases with songs like Melting1 to 10, and even parts of OOH-AHH, but a reliance on (for lack of a better word) fluffy sound and a really high output rate meant that they weren’t getting–or giving–their best.

The decision to re-release TWICEcoaster as an album seems to have allowed them and the songwriters at JYPE a chance to breathe.  Now, there feels like there is some thought put into these songs and the ladies seem to be more vocally invested than before.  We can easily see ourselves going back to listen to these tracks again instead of putting them aside permanently when the new single or album comes out.  Also, we are getting to see the individuality of the members vocally and stylistically in the music instead of just in the videos, and that can lead to some longevity as well.

Our favorite tracks are Someone Like Me and Three Times A Day.  The most skippable track is Eye Eye Eyes.