If you asked us about a soloist and group that should make a song together, I don’t know that we would have ever come up with the combination of June’s Diary and Chanté Moore.  The age difference would probably be the biggest reason, as you wouldn’t think one would be on the other’s radar, but this is a collaboration that makes a lot of sense after you hear the finished product.

The main reason is the vocals of everyone involved.  Moore has done a good job of modernizing her singing style to, at the very least, keep pace with a modern audience.  June’s Diary, on the other hand, bring strength to their music with their foundation in more traditional melodies.  The two coming together makes a lot of sense from that standpoint alone.  But all of the ladies involved also have a similar strength and tone to their voices.  Both the soloist and the group know how to bring in that solid softness for certain segments before hitting you with a powerful adlib that shows off the full length and breadth of their abilities.  Their coming together ends up feeling like two puzzle pieces that fit just right.

We like the whole idea behind this song.  A lot of times when women talk about the ex-girlfriend of their partner in songs, it’s to compare themselves favorably or warn her away because she has realized that she lost a good thing.  This track takes the tact of realizing that every relationship is a chance to learn how to be a better partner both emotionally and physically.  This track thanks the woman who came before who gave him some additional tools so that, by the time Moore and June’s Diary find him, he’s perfect for them.  It’s a mature way to come at a relationship and a person’s past…what you would expect from a grown woman.

The one element of the song that could do with some improvement is the production.  It isn’t awful or even bad, but it is very generic.  While there are variations from measure to measure, that variation has a repetition in it that makes it blend into the background in a way that doesn’t help the singers.  It gives the track a much more hypnotic feel than the vocals deserve and doesn’t always support the singers in the best way.  A little more excitement on the bridges and a bigger variation for the chorus would help immensely.

That aside, this is still a good song and one that we found ourselves going back to a few times since its release.  We would not be upset if there was a part two of this track out there somewhere so that we could have more of this.

This track is from Moore’s new EP, 1 of 4, available now.