Cardiac Da Pulse is back with a new track and it is a bit of a banger.  About him being able to get his money up by betting on himself to always come out on top, this track manages to exude self confidence without becoming obnoxious or unbelievable in its claims.

Cardiac has the kind of flow that may come across as..antiquated to listeners of people prefer the more fast-moving, sing-songy movements of trap rappers, but this works for him in two important ways.  One, it gives him an interesting air of gravitas and, two, it serves to make his words come across as more substantial at times.  One of the downsides of a rapid-fire flow is that the listener spends a lot of time trying to keep and and the meaning of the lyrics can miss them for several plays.  You don’t have that issue here and that makes his songs stick with you a little longer.

If, after all the times we’ve covered him, we could point to a signature element of his sound is the bass-heavy, dark beats that he tends to favor.  That could have the potential of making his music come across as depressing after a while, but it turns out to be a good choice as his gruff voice is a better fit for this than a lot of lighter beats.  The brighter aspects come from his choice to use a more enthusiastic drumline, giving a track like this a lot more energy than the initial few seconds of it might lead you to believe.

One of the things that we like about Cardiac is that he brings a lot of nice variation to the things he raps about.  Previous tracks have been about buying black, love never explored, and having a consistent and confident hustle.  He always seems to handle each one with enough care that they don’t lose focus and end up all being about his money and the women he’s banging, making his music a lot more interesting in the long run than many of his counterparts in the industry.

Knowing how the rapper moves, this is likely the first single to an upcoming album that will drop sometime this year.  We are interested to see where this one goes as his last two projects have produced some solid tracks.