One of the best things that comes seeking out more underground artists is that, often, you will find something that is sorely lacking from a lot of more mainstream music–a competent of lyricism and positivity.  We are happy to have add new submitter, Ren, to that list of people who are coming with more than a money, cash, hoes aesthetic.  He wants to remind people that the lives they live and the things they love will always be the coolest thing about them…even if they don’t conform to the expectations of others.

His flow is nicely varied throughout the set.  He manages to match the energy of each track as well, dialing when he needs to sound introspective or slowing things down when he wants to be more seductive.  This is a good thing because, at times, his voice comes across a little expressionless.  This is something that a lot of rappers wrestle with as they have not quite figured out how to make their cadences come across as natural while still maintaining their rhythm.  It isn’t a dealbreaker, however, as there are more than enough moments where he and his featured artists bring emotion to things enough that the moments when they don’t are downplayed.

The production is very nice throughout.  There is a nice variation in rhythms, moods, and styles that help keep the listeners’ interest engaged and shows off his ability to come at different tracks in different ways.  It also serves to show different sides of him as a man and as a rapper, giving us more randy moves in Cocaine Rain/Give It To Me, gratefulness and motivation in Shit Still Matters, or visions of the future in Sometimes.  It all amounts to him being more than just a one-note rapper and makes things flow a lot better than they might otherwise.

If there is one thing that might turn listeners off, it’s going to be length.  Coming in with 19 tracks, this can be a little much for some listeners.  We encourage you to listen to it all the way through at least once, though, as you get a better feel for the story that he is telling you when it’s not broken up.

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