The verdict is in for Toni Braxton’s new album and…it’s not good.  While we were right about a lot of her die-hard fans loving it, it seemed to have left a much bigger part of her fanbase cold.  So we can understand why she had to give us a video for what is probably the best track on the album.

Visually, this video hits a good middle ground between glamor shots and storyline.  While we get a lot of scenes of Toni being sexy and showing of her still stunning figure, there are also scenes of her seeing the man that she loves and being afraid to approach him and reach out.  We also get some dance scenes with Toni…which are a little hit or miss because some of her movements don’t quite match up to the track.

One thing we really loved was that her sisters, Tamar and Towanda, made cameo appearance in one of the dance scenes.  Besides being able to spice up that section of the video (Toni has never been that much of a dancer), it shows how tight the family is despite some of the drama we see on their show.  We love that they are supporting each other right now.

We won’t say this is a video that you’ll come back to again and again, but it does give a good depiction of the song and keeps the rotation alive for a little longer.

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