Singer Jooyoung knows how to keep his audience on the edge of their seats.  Just before he enlisted in the army for two years, the singer released the panty-dropper single Wet and the infectious Love Line only to have a few staggered released for social media to keep us baited until his return.

The sound of this is probably the most surprising thing about it.  While we were absolutely expecting the K-R&B sound that the singer tends to favor, but we weren’t expecting the absolute turn towards jazz that he made.  The production on this set absolutely favors live instrumentation and is very heavy in acoustic piano to keep everything tied together.  The jazz connection is strong that when he steps away from it on Planet Girl it comes as a slight shock to the system because it veers so hard back to modern R&B.  Things swing back to what they had been for the title track, Fountain, but that brief aside throws things off for a moment and it takes a second to regain your footing.

His vocals are solid throughout this set.  While this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who heard his duet with Hyolyn knows that he can pull of the not-quite-ballad style of singing for a track, being soulful and technical all at the same time.  While he absolutely leans more towards soul for this project, some of the sensuality that accompanied many of his previous singles has been majorly dialed back here, leaving an interesting forlorn sound that comes across very well with the instrumentation.  He brings back that sexuality for Planet Girl, but you definitely get the gentle boyfriend side of his tone for a while (even if, from what we can tell, the lyrics don’t necessarily lean that way).

If there is one disappointment we had in this set it’s that he didn’t include the Chancellor-assisted Lucy or Sweet Life from his SoundCloud page, though the alt-R&B sound of those tracks wouldn’t have been a good fit for this set, so we understand.

Our favorite tracks are Dive and Wine.  The most skippable track, despite how much we love it, is Planet Girl because it doesn’t fit with the rest of the set aurally.