Keep giving us this goodness, Toni.

One thing about Toni Braxton is that she is never afraid to experiment with her sound, but it always maintains that core vibe that is quintessentially her.  If the two previous tracks we’ve heard from her at the start of this new era are her expanding, this track her taking things back to basics and showing us that she can still give us the pure Toni and make us love it.

This track about not being over an ex is so surprisingly upbeat thanks to the two-step bass, snaps, and bright melody.  There is something very nineties about the overall sound but it doesn’t seem dated as much as it does for grown folks who are looking for something a little different than the traditional radio fare.  The electric guitar that comes in towards the end of the track is interesting and a good fit, but it does make us wonder if that is somewhat an intro into the song that is going to follow it on the finished full project.

The vocals are flawless from top to bottom.  Braxton comes in a little more breathy on this one, saving her full-throttle vocals for the sexy growls and adlibs that serve to lift the track above the standard torch track.  Coming from a lot of singers, this could make the track sound hallow and weak but, for Braxton, it gives a hint of sadness that the music overall belies and matches the theme well.  The harmonies are very strategic, coming most prominently on the chorus but also highlighting certain lines that meant to stick out to the listener.

If there is one slight downside it’s the lyrics, which do make sense but aren’t really anything that stands out in terms of memorable lines.  We call it a slight downside because the track is, overall, a pretty solid representation of what it’s like to find out someone you still love is happy and moving on without you, but it really is something that has to stand as a totality and doesn’t have that moment that sums things up just right and makes you think exclusively of this song.  This is still a good listen, though, and becomes easily one of the more repeatable tracks we’ve heard this month.

Braxton should consider just dropping the album and doing heavy promotion for the total product instead of trying to build interest off too-spaced-out singles that don’t have any connective material to make them linger in the memory longer.

This is the second official single from Braxton’s upcoming album, Sex & Cigarettes, following up Deadwood and the feeler track, Heart Away.  There is still no firm release date for the LP.