You might remember them best from their nineties’ hit, Here We Go, but Portrait didn’t disappear after that or Honey Dip.  The group has had four albums (the last being released in 2005) and appeared as backup vocals for artists like Tamia and Babyface in the past.  Now a trio consisting of founding members Michaelangelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson along with newcomer Ruben Cruz, the group has released a new track and it is a grown and sexy jam that shows just how timeless a core sound can be.

While the group had a lot of music that was routed in the New Jack Swing era of music and you can still hear certain elements of that in this track, this is the kind of song that would fit in most eras of music thanks to maintaining a certain level of classic structuring.  The violins and cellos that make up the sting for the track are a nice touch for the mellow mood and the dialing back on the bass makes you focus more on the singers with their deeper voices than the production.

The members sound really good.  There is a moment in the beginning when the vocals seem to come in oddly, almost like a fade-in, but it balances out quickly and the voices gain confidence and the track progresses with harmonies coming in and filling out the sound.  After a second listen, the confidence escalation makes sense as they are talking to this woman initially as someone they just met and then sliding into the part of the song where they tell her how much the can do for her “in the moment.”  It’s an interesting choice and it works well with the lyrics.

The lyrics are pretty good as well.  While there really isn’t anything new here, there also isn’t the feeling that everything being said has been heard a thousand times before in your most recent playlist or radio listen.  You can tell that the words are meant to be relateable as something the listener would say to someone they are infatuated with and they work from that angle.  Nothing is going to jump out at you, but nothing will make you tune out either.