We probably should have seen this collaboration coming when they teamed up for the Young, Dumb & Broke video.

If you had told us that a duet between Normani Kordei and Khalid that is meant for a movie would be one of the more interesting songs to come out this week, we wouldn’t have believed you.  But here we are.

Khalid has an interesting sound to his vocals.  His mixture of pop and rock in his tone keeps him from sounding flat against the production that, while not boring, doesn’t have a lot of dimension.  His pronunciation of words always stand out on his tracks and makes the ears perk up a little and focus in on what he says.  He has a good voice for highlighting lyrics and he uses it to great affect here.

If there are those out there that had any doubts about Normani’s voice (we’ll include ourselves in that group), this song dispels some of the doubt that she could carry a song as a soloist.  We can only blame the writers and producers for Fifth Harmony because she knows how to use emphasis and the natural smoke that gives her more dimension and lets her stand out.  While this is still primarily Khalid’s track (he has more fronting time), she holds her own in her solo section just fine.

The lyrics for the song are good.  While we were really hoping for a more honest reading of the title (a track about how emotions can lie about you), this still manages to come with something interesting.  There are a few cliche moments, but they are put together something that can hit you in the right spot in the right mood.

It may not have the longest shelf life as a track, but its still a good listen.  It made us intersted in hearing more from Normani and re-listen to Khalid…so it accomplishes its point from their perspective.

This song is from the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Love, Simon, which is due to hit theaters on March 18.  The soundtrack itself is expected to come out March 16.