Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, so that means we have some cleanup of all the Love Day track released yesterday (eww) to do…and we have to start with Soulection.

Just like the previous iterations of this collection, this set contains five 30-60 minute mixes from different producers in the Soulection collective who have put together some of our favorite jams from now and back in the day.  Some of the songs we recognized from the vocals and lyrics, but some are going to take you a minute because the new production overlaying them can make the titles jump right or your head and have you spending a few minutes going, “Wait…I know this one.”

Every mix has its own vibe and the mixes themselves set very different tones for the night you want to have.  Andre Power’s mix has a lot of power in it and his choice of beats (when he chooses the non-album mix) are more driving than you might expect.  By contrast, Sasha Marie comes with something a little more introspective, almost like a prayer song, with its distorted vocals and quick cuts.

While we wouldn’t recommend playing them all back-to-back, these are still good tracks to add to your collection if you are a mix enthusiast.  You will find yourself coming back to them again and again.

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