Lion Babe has a way of sliding into our musical DMs and making themselves known against all those who thought they knew just what to say to get our attention.  Their new track, Honey Dew, was unexpected put really has us wanting more as we listen.

The lyrics are that kind of mesh of highly metaphorical poetic and grounded imagery that makes their songs stand out against a lot of other artists who are either too elevated to grasp or too cliche to remember.  The song, about always being open to opportunity while still being cautious of users, balances the good vibes overall with a grounded message of protecting oneself from those who either refuse to learn or want to devour you for their own benefit without becoming depressing or making the listener miss the point.

The production of this track is really interesting.  It is very mellow with that horse-like clip clop and acoustic piano balancing out the prominent deep bass, but there are moments that sound just slightly off-kilter–like a record skip–that draws your ear away from Hervey’s vocals and really makes you notice the background sounds and how they mesh together.  It is never jarring in effect, but it does make your ears perk up from time to time.

Hervey’s vocals are lovely on this.  She has that kind of smokey, sound that makes her sound a little older than she actually is, but she still has a youthful element that makes songs about hope work in a way they don’t from more world-weary artists.  She keeps her tone mellow on this and the adlibs are minimum, but her performance stays engaging and really draws you in to want to hear more.

The worst thing we can say about this song is that we wish that there had been an EP or album attached to it so we can love it more in context.  We’ll just have to wait and see what is on deck for this duo in the coming months as they always have a method to their madness (of a release schedule).

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