Honestly, we weren’t expecting a video for this track.  We were sure the next drop would be another amazing track and yet this is a nice surprise.  Extending the life of his single, Lover, Lenny Harold comes in with the grown and sexy imagery for a grown and sexy song.

The thing that we really like about this visual is that it feels as much like a lover letter as it does promotion for the artist.  The close-ups of his partners that linger and show of a subtle smile, the fact that she spends most of the video in-frame in some kind of way, the fact that it seems to have her being both everyday jam and overtly sexy reminded us of those pictures you take when you’re in love.  The kind where others might not get it but you see something in your partner’s face that makes your heart flutter and you want to run to their side.

And, yes, Harold looks good, too.

Harold demonstrates what most people have known since they started putting music and film together; you don’t need a big budget to make something compelling.

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