Do you know Cameron J.?  If you don’t, you need to correct that oversight.

His YouTube channel is one of those things that just brings joy to people; having things like skits, cheers, and his signature medleys.

His ear for the mashup is something to behold.  Whether it doing it acappella and showing off his harmonies to full effect or adding in a little background music to elevate the mood, he never fails to hit it out the park.  Sometimes you get amazing things like his Christmas medleys and sometimes you get things like this to celebrate Black musical excellence for Black History Month.

Giving us a little old school throwback, the singer dons his many personas for a mashup a fifteen different tracks for something that will send the nineties babies into a nostalgia hole and music fans in general into a tailspin at just how seamless the transitions are.  Minus the effect to make his voice higher for Starrkeisha, there are not effects here and the crispness and passion that he manages to work into this is admirable.  The flow of each song into the next is surprising, especailly as the ones included have very different tempos and bad placement could easily have sent the entire piece of the rails.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that his voice is beautiful.  Sexy and deep but with a lot of versatility, he has the kind of sound that men in the industry, especially R&B singer, wish they had as it just add an extra level of smoothness and confidence to anything that comes out of his mouth.

You may not think this will be your thing, but we guarantee that you will have this on repeat for a minute because it is so addictive.

Hit us up in the comments if you can name all fifteen songs.  Make sure you pay attention to the background vocals and not just the soloists because some of them only make an appearance for a line or two.

You can also follow Cameron on Twitter @TheKingOfWeird.