We held off on this because we hoped a video would drop tonight, but no such luck.

Busta Rymes decided, out of nowhere, that he need to drop a little heat so he called up Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland for the collaboration and…we got something interesting.

Listening to Busta flow can, in some aspects, feel like stepping back in time.  It’s not that his flow is dated but more that it’s not something you hear very often anymore.  For a while people used to try to copy what is very much his signature style, but he has always managed to dominate with it and that is the same here.

Elliot comes in a really steals the spotlight on this one.  She has always had her own style but she also knows how to update it for a newer audience and modify it for whatever track she’s appearing on.  This is her on that speedy flow and she keeps up with Busta pretty well.  She really gets in good with flow switch in the latter half of the verse showing some versatility in-track.

You would be tempted to say that Rowland is a non-entity on this track but, the fact is, it would not sound the same without her because she is literally the backbone of the beatwork.

The production on this track is crazy.  For the most part is a semi-dark, four on the floor beat with hardly any upper melody elements because Kelly Rowland’s looped harmonies provide the overarching sound to the track.  On Busta’s first verse, though, Rowland drops out and the bassline comes in for a few bars to keep the pass and add more than just handclaps for the background.  Then the bass falls away, Rowland comes back in and the drums come in hard, overtaking everything.  The same thing happens on Elliot’s verse but the section for the bass is a little longer and really allows her higher register flow to come in and provide a good offset.  On the last verse the bass and heavy drum overlap for about six bars and then the song just switches into a seventies’ sample before just flipping back to Rowland and the beat.  It takes a minute to get used to that but it does work for the most part and shows off a minimalism that you don’t always get from rap music.

This song isn’t the best collaboration these two have put out, but it’s not bad and worth a few listens.