It’s been ten months but we finally have a video for one of our favorite tracks of the year, Rockets.  The visual shows Lion Babe and featured artist Moe Moks heading into a club and joining the eclectic ballroom scene and enjoying life.  It capture the mood of the track without trying to hard and the different cuts and scenes are interesting even without a storyline.

But 2:56 is where things get even more interesting.  Transitioning out of the original production and into the Moma+Guy Remix, Hervey and her girls brings the dance moves and seduction to the floor.  What had been a cool and vibey video showcasing people enjoying themselves on a night becomes a vehicle for the ladies to really show out and we love every minute of it.  Our favorite part, musically, though is the fact that very little changes between the versions.  The bassline and parts of the melody are still there intact and progress at pretty close to the same speed with the energy coming from the overlayed drum machine and a second bassline with a lot more volume.

We now officially want a new EP or album from this duo.  But we know we can’t rush them with music this good.

To hear the full original track and see what we thought of it, head over to our review.

Sidenote: Why is Lucas Goodman out here looking like Raiden from Mortal Kombat 2?