We lit/We lit!

Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman are really finding their groove and, as the do, they are giving us a lot of them.  We were really impresses with how strong Sun Joint was (especially for a freelease) and, by the looks of it, they are going to keep things going strong because Rockets is just a tune.

Goodman does a great job on the production, mixing a little of that seventies jazz with a little boom bap and just a lot of chill.  The accumulative effect is one sets a mood that gives you a lot energy but also manages to be pretty lowkey.

Moe Moks and Hervey comes through with a little bit of Rasta flavor (Moks more than Hervey thanks to his delivery) that just comes off well against the beatwork.  Hervey’s vocals are perfect fit for the track and her background vocals and harmonies lay a baseline for what you will be hearing the whole way through.  For a track about being happy and self-confident in your own style and personality, this really couldn’t have been matched with a better duo and Lion Babe do seem to set thier own style path and follow it, daring us to come along.  The fact that Moks manages to match Hervey’s cool speaks volumes of him.  It’s not just he maintains the vibe; he brings the same sensibility of personal cool in the lyrics.  He doesn’t give more emphasis to money and what others think and focuses on his internal monologue and sense of confidence as much as she did.

This might be the first single to a new Lion Babe album, freelease, or EP.  Only time will tell.