Who thought it would be Chanté Moore to bring us a modern Santa Baby?

There are a lot of ways to ask your lover to cover you in diamonds, but Chanté Moore may have found one of the more effective ones.  Coming out in a fur jacket and leotard, the singer seduces with some nice moves while telling her man just how to maker her Christmas bright.

The vocals on this track are a lot more than you might expect from the beat.  There is the complexity of melody that the grown and sexy set will love, but there is also a trap element here.   The combination comes off a lot better than some might think thanks to the toning down of those trap elements in the beat that allow Moore do give the performance without being pigeonholed by the production.  She also demonstrates a nice range on this track, taking us from some pretty good highs to some sultry depths.  You can tell that she can’t quite hit the notes she did on the quiet storm remix of Love’s Taken Over, but that doesn’t stop her from still showing that she’s still got it in a whole new way now.

The harmonies here are also really good.  Because the beatwork isn’t as so stripped back as it could be, it allows the backing vocals to be very lush and somewhat bluesy.  It adds a nice element to the track and gives Moore the support she needs to makes this song really work for her.

The lyrics are okay.  Other than the metaphor of the title and a few other puns, nothing really stands out about them and, at times, it can be easy to just tune them out and enjoy the overall sound of the songstress’ voice.  In some ways it reminded us of the vibe of Wey U, but since the lyrics aren’t nonsense, we don’t think that’s what they’re going for.

Possible scamming aside…Chante Moore dropped a solid Christmas album and this track, while not entirely indicative of the whole sound, sets things off right.

You can get this single and the associated album, Christmas Back To You, from your favorite music retailer.