All we need is for Suran to team up with Zion.T on a track and we will have Dean/Crush/T trifecta completed.

Suran makes an unexpected return with a new, jazzy single all about falling in love and enjoying the newness of the emotions.

Suran’s vocals are sweet and charming with just a hint of smoke in them.  She never comes across as raspy, but put her against most other female singers (besides Heize) and you get a clear difference and tone.  Her soprano range makes everything she sings come off very angelic, but that pinch of something rougher makes her voice suited to a wider range of tracks.  Our only complaint is we wish she had longer parts to really show herself off.

What shocked us was just how amazing Crush sounds on this.  These are the kinds of productions that really allow him to show his abilities without being too verbose in his delivery.  From the moment he comes in with his falsetto you just fall in love.  Even when his second verse starts with a more rap-cadenced vibe, he brings in the harmonies and things just smooth out again.

If you can say anything against this track it would be that this feels much more a Crush track than a Suran one thanks to the way he dominates with his vocals and the most dramatic beat-switches are initiated with his sections.  Though Suran takes back control by the end with her elegant high notes, it’s a little too late for the overall impressions.

This is still a good listen, though, because it has a nice vibe while not being as predictable as you might think going in.  Last time we got a track like this, Suran released an EP a few weeks later.  We hope we get a repeat of that here.

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