Did Elhae read our last post and decide to give us a main course after the appetizer that was Quarter Past 9?  If that’s the case all he did was get us more excited for whatever project he has coming up next.

The production that starts things off is so smooth and romantic that you think you’re in store for a baby maker or confessional love song.  Instead what you get is cautionary advice about about moving too fast and losing yourself.  The framing of the track is interesting as it seems aimed at an ex-lover or a current lover who may be moving away from him and into a life that may not be the best for her.  The lyrics manage not to fall over into condescending or overly paternal and seem to be coming from a place of concern and love.  It still has a hint of that “you’re doing things I don’t like” vibe to it, but it seems less rooted in selfishness than a track like Hotline Bling.

For us, the real downside to this track is just how much autotune is on his vocals.  If you’ve ever heard anything by Elhae before you’d know that his vocals are excellent in their natural state.  The beatwork of this track would have been perfect to show off his tone and emotional range so it’s an odd choice to add such a highly mechanical effect for a song that otherwise seems to lack it.  It doesn’t kill the track for us, but it might be a deal breaker for some people.

This is the second track that the singer/rapper has released in as many months as, for him, that usually means that something is about to come down the tubes and take our breath away.  It’s up to him whether it’s going to be a Christmas gift or a way to set our new year off right.