Let the memes begin!

Anyone familiar with the things that Korean idols (and most Asian-based singers in general) have to do when they put out a new project is to head to the chat shows.  But James Corden is one of the only ones who brings in the silly element that makes the Korean shows so enjoyable and that’s the challenge that lets the different artists show their personality.  For The Late Late Show With James Corden, he gave us Flinch.

Putting different members behind a plexiglass screen and unexpectedly shooting it with apples from an air cannon, we got to see how the gentlemen react to surprise–even when they know it was coming.  My only feeling of let down for this is that J-Hope and Jin should have gone last because their reaction was AMAZING.

As for the performance of DNA this is one of the better ones that has come out this week…besides the one at the American Music Awards.  The choreo was clean (as always) but, best of all, the backtracking was just loud enough to give support without drowning them out.  The extra cherry on top, though, was that we actually got to hear the fanchants this time around and they absolutely add the performance.