Come for our coins, Maryann!

We’ve said it before and will say again, we love R&B Baegod.  And, after she told us she was working on something similar to Futuristic Always in terms of vibe and sound last month, we were way too excited.  Now that we have a taste, we want more.

But first, this track.  Late Night Vibe is just that; a track you can put on a cool autumn night and feel the emotional connection between you and your baby wash over the two of you.  It feels perfect for a night of love that is spent enjoying the mental parts of your lover as well as the physical.  It screams love that is comfortable with itself in a way that is not obvious.

Her vocals are really good here.  We are used to her sweetheart tones, but there is a little something extra in this track that is catching our attention.  It’s the strength in the her voice at the lower register tones that helps compliment the upper register notes in a way that rides the production expertly.  SBVCE adds a nice bottom to the range with at just the right moments.  His voice isn’t as melodic as hers, but he knows where to drop in and when to drop out, which gives the track a lot of color and keeps the flow moving.

The lyrics are good as well.  You get the picture of a couple moving through their lives together and taking things as they come…as a unit.  The second verse especially struck us with how their journey in this business together and all they have gone through, whether it all pays off or not, it will have been worth it.  You want a relationship that makes all things seem possible and most things seem positive.

As for the visual, besides the trippy effects that perfectly match the tone and lyrical delivery, what really sells this is the warmth that comes through with her interactions between SBVCE.  The two of them partners (both creatively and romantically) for ten years now and it really shows.  This comes off as really genuine and not try-hard, which gives it a nice, lowkey sexy feel to match the track.