Hard to believe that the first time we heard this song was nearly 18 months ago.

If you liked the original, you’re probably going to like this.  The production is the same, the harmonies are the same (if a little juiced in volume), the overall track progression is the same.  Honestly, the only major difference is that there are now two strategically placed rap verses on this track.

We will say that J. Cole does add an extra dimension to the track.  The song always had a “let’s get over the ruckus of the world” vibe to it, but J. Cole coming in with a little political language and his brand of chilled-out anger takes this from two people just wanting to reconnect to two people needing to center themselves with someone else.  It’s an interesting way to view things considering the current climate and may indicate just where the direction of this album might be headed, especially considering the title.

This is the second single from Miguel’s upcoming album, War & Leisure, out Friday (December 1).