We are so mad we missed this one.

So, apparently, five months after she dropped the more than solid S[he’s] Br[ok]en, she came with what can be seen as a continuation of the storyline that she presented there…only with a lot more attitude on display and dropping a good amount of the vocals for some fairly good bars.

Elise’s vocals are that kind that are satisfying by not flashy.  She almost never goes for the big show-out, but she gives a performance on every track and you can feel that she is completely into everything that she delivering.  In some ways she’s like a home-cooked meal; there are much prettier presentations out there, but sometimes you just need something good that satisfies your soul.

The production of the set is not anything amazing, but we wouldn’t necessarily call it generic either.  There are flourishes on nearly every track that make things perk up.  Whether it be strong classical violins in the melody or a rock guitar almost inaudibly adding an extra bit of pulse to the backbeat, the songs manage to distinguish themselves.  Almost all the tracks have a trap base but, with one exception, none of them descend into monotony and repetitiveness that makes the listener tune out about halfway through.

The writing here is solid.  Elise shows that her pen-game is still strong and manages to bring out the more hood side of herself without making it seem forced or over the top.  She still manages to weave a good story for us without it having to be completely linear or spelled out explicitly, letting the listener find their own overall meaning.

The biggest thing we can say against this is that that not all the bars shine they way they should.  This is most on display on the track Run Up where the production and the off-kilter rhymes combine into something that just wrong–and repetitive–in a lot of ways.  Luckily, this isn’t the norm for the project and we found the majority of the rapping enjoyable even if it was, at times, a little amateur.

Again, what seems to make this work is its congruent nature to the projects she’s released previously.  The first set was about her being in love and trying to find her place in someone else’s life.  This EP is far more about her finding what works for her and finding her confidence in pride after a betrayal.  It shows the complexity of the woman without her having to shove too many songs that just don’t fit together into the same project.  That aspect alone makes this worth a listen, but the pure talent of this woman will likely keep you around.

If you like what you hear, check out the companion visual.