As you may have seen in the Gallant mini-documentary, K-R&B is really starting to take off within the country itself, but that doesn’t mean that every artist in the genre is getting the attention they deserve.  We need to rectify this for one newcomer right now.

We don’t know anything about Sole (one of the problems with being an American covering Korean music is that we can’t read the pressers for the initial releases from the smaller record companies) but we would really like to know more.  In some ways, her voice reminds us a little of Suran, but she has that extra bit of oomph that separates her the more well-known artist.  She has a strong, powerful voice and solid control of it, making her able to pull back on a song like this and not overtake the mellow vibe its going for.  She escalates her tone and delivery as the production of the song escalates and matches it well.

We do know a little more about Thama, but only that he tends to team up with Owen Ovadoz quite a bit and his voice is just magical.  He has that just right tenor tone–somewhere between sated and soothing–that works with a track like this.  We do know that he can be more boisterous when he wants to, but it’s nice to see he can dial it back when the song calls for it.

We hope this isn’t a one-off like some of the other promising female artists we’ve seen pop up only to disappear again.  We would love to see what else she can do.

We’ll try to bring you translations as soon as possible.