K. Michelle is not going to let a Lupus diagnosis stop her from living and she is ready to celebrate.

This track isn’t a new for K. Michelle, but it is a little different.  We are very used to the songstress dropping a love/torch song for us with her full, rich voice reverberating from beginning to end.  This time she’s going for a party song, similar to Got Em Like, but with a slower pace and a much more sensual overtone.  Also, her vocals are a lot more dialed back than we are used to–though she doesn’t sound bad–and she holds off on giving us the full thrust of her tone until almost the very end.

The most different aspect of the track is the final verse where she drops some bars on us.  The first half of that part of that track is actually pretty good in terms of flow.  Things get off the rails some when she speeds up for the second half (and that might have more to do with her her natural cadence more than a rhythm issue), but you get used to it pretty quickly and you can enjoy it before she quickly slips back into singing.

The lyrics are nothing special, but that’s kind of to be expected considering the title and the theme.  While we wish that K. Michelle had put a little more of her writing abilities into this, the track is still fine without any majorly memorable lines…it just would have had more replay value with something unique to remember it by.

Overall, while we do like this track, we don’t know if this is the song that is going to push this new era of hers forward.  Time–and fan response–will tell.

This is the second single from the singer’s upcoming album, Kimberly: The People I Used To Know, which is coming out December 8.