Ms. Williams…how dare you?!

If you are not for Summer Williams to bless your ears with the sounds of soulful island jazz, best turn away now or be prepared to become a fan because her voice is just ambrosia.  There is something about a sultry, alto tone with just a little bit of rasp to it.  It can give a voice so much gravitas and yet still come across as comforting and relatable.  You can tell that she is totally engaged in what she is singing and she brings you along with her, making you groove the sound and just let it envelope you.  And her performance is a perfect match for a track that is about being completely into your paramour; it just flows with love and desire without trying to hard to do so.

The production is a nice balance of the island sound and jazz, relegating the sound of steel drums to the background for more traditional, western live band instrumentation to give support to the melody.  You would think that would make the track too heavy for the vibe it is going for, but it gives good offset and support to Williams’ vocals with their rich tone, make for less of a separation between the singer and the beat.  It gives her good backing while being interesting enough on its own to make you want to listen closer to it.  A nice balance

The lyrics for this are nice and sticks well to the metaphor of “your love is my drug.”  There are moments that she compares the man to ganja itself, but there are also moments that she compares him to the smoke filling her lungs and wafting on the breeze.  She brings the mood of his calming presence into it and her addiction the overall feeling into it.  She gives you a complete picture of addiction to a lover and how it can completely overcome you.

We can see what she has the nickname The Soulstress; it is richly deserved.

This is the lead single from the songstress’ new EP, Hello Again, out now.