We were honestly going to hold off on this one today, but the vibe got to us and we had to bring it to you.

Block B is one of those groups that you are going to love or ignore.  When it comes to the talent of the members, there is no doubt that all of them bring something good to the table, but we have only really been into the their solo and sub-unit projects with any consistency.  But we also never jumped into a project of theirs and fell in love so instantly either.

Montage is an appropriate name for this set because it does feel like you are getting little peeks at a whole that would not quite be worth seeing the entirety of.  Listening to these tracks, all but one of them felt like they could be a title track for one of their albums and it does seem like they just want to get us to the good stuff without that extra in-between.  The short length is the strength of this and gives you just enough to make you want to go back into their discography to see what you missed.

The vocals here are great and really show just what this group brings to the table.  They are one of the few groups that centers hip-hop in their tracks that really goes out of their way to give us full harmonies…even on songs that don’t necessarily require them.  The solos are always full and the dynamic between the rap line and the vocal line plays out well.  You never feel like one side is dominating a track even though it might give more total lines to one over the other.  The find balance in every song and really make sure that they give it their all in tone and emotional thrust.

The production is solid as well.  While we have one ballad included that dragged things down a little, even it was well produced.  The title track probably wins in terms of the subtle layering and little things that you hear after the fifth listen, but the not-quite-Carribean nature of One Way surprised us and had us wanting to hear more like it.

We also really like the fact that B-Bomb and the vocal unit got the chance to put out tracks of their own given that P.O. and Zico have both had opportunities to shine in the last six months.  We would love for them to get full EPs of their own to really see what they can do.

Unfortunately we have been able to get full translations on this one yet, so we can’t really judge the lyrical quality.  We will say, though, that it would be odd for things to be mundane or fall apart and Block B has always had a pretty tight reign on their lyrical content and have always come with good wordplay and solid lines.

This is not going to make you a Monsta X fan if you aren’t already one, but it is still worth checking out for the sheer jamability of the tracks here.  You are going to find a favorite and get your grind/dance on every time it comes on.

Our favorite tracks are Shall We Dance and Give & Take.  The most skippable track is Like This.