Seattle trio The Flavr Blue is teaming up with fellow Seattle natives Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone to brings up something kind of sexy with a little bit bump to declare our love to.

The production on this track is smooth with its mid-tempo vibes, but there is something there that gives it a lot of energy despite the somewhat laid-back groove.

Lead singer Hollis Wong-Wear and Jay Park sound really good together and play off one another well…even though we’re pretty sure they weren’t in the same studio when they recorded this.  We can also hear Cha Cha Malone putting is some solid adlibs and color, making things a little more interesting.  I also believe I hear the other 2/3 of the trio, Lace Cadence and Parker Joe, somewhere in there but we’re not quite familiar enough with their voices to be sure.

If there is one down for this track, though, it’s the lyrics.  They aren’t terrible by any means but they aren’t especially innovative either.  It can be rather easy to tune out the actual words and just go along with the feels that the song is giving you.  After several listens you’ll probably find yourself absentmindedly singing along, but there is nothing here that is really going to stick with you.  This track is still worth a listen and, just like a lot of tracks with Jay Park on them, has a high potential to become a not-so-guilty pleasure.

This is the second single from the group’s latest album, Blue Dream, available to stream for free through the Billboard website.  It is will surprise you with its sound and really does deserve some listens.