Monsta X is just RUDE!!!!

If you had told us back when they dropped Trespass that, two years later, we would not only be bopping to a Monsta X project but excited for it to drop…we would have told you that you were crazy.  But that’s where we are now and this group has won us over completely.  There is nothing on this set that annoyed us.  Even songs that, just a year or so ago, would have had us cringing at how overproduced it was have been dialed back just enough to make them work.  We actually had a hard time picking a skippable this time and that is never a bad place to be with us.

The vocals for this album are still really good, though we are still loving the overall sound of Beautiful/Shine Forever a little more due to the complexity of that album’s laying.  Not that we don’t get some good harmonies on this set, DRAMARAMA starts things off just right with that acapella chorus.  In Time and From Zero also give us some good group pulls with the slower production showing how well they can draw focus without a banging beat behind them.

And the production is solid.  If anything can be said about this group it’s that they have managed to maintain their unique style while refining it and making it more accessible to a wider audience.  The group has grown up without growing old in terms of their sound and that is something that can be hard to accomplish at this point in their careers.  This is definately a Monsta X project, there is no denying that, but you can hear all that they have learned over the past two years be put into making things better every time they drop and that is to be commended.

The lyrics are little looser this time around, probably due to the hype nature of the songs and trying to go for a vibe more than lyrical cohesion.  It won’t kill and of the songs for a listener, but there isn’t a ton that jumped out at us as uniquely expressed.  The good thing is that nothing falls apart if you think about it too hard.

This is a get for us and we would encourage everyone to take a listen.  Monsta X is coming for those crowns and, given the work they consistently put in, they just might get them.

Our favorite tracks are In Time, Tropical Night, and X.  The most skippable track is Now Or Never.