Last year, when EXID dropped Eclipse on us, we were happy that the group was doing less masking of both their group and individual vocals in order to really show us that they were more than just a gimmick with cute faces.  We are even more happy this time around that they kept on that same road.

The harmonies and rich solos on Full Moon are just great and show that these ladies have the staying power to rival groups like Red Velvet and Mamamoo when it comes to laying down something rich that can stand up to the test of time if given a remix in future performances.  Every time we hear them like this and compare it to tracks like Ah Yeah, we realize how much they have switched it up on us and love every second of it.

One thing that we are having a hard time reconciling, though, is that both this and Eclipse have done more to show off their individual abilities than their group dynamic.  DDD is a great track and, even though it didn’t strike us like the rest of the set, Too Good To Me has a good sound.  But the rest of the EP is made up of solos and duet, making us wonder why it is so hard for them to do those same tracks, but together.  We doubt it would have done much to change the overall tone of the tracks and each of them brings a little something that could elevate them.

As for the production, they manage to keep things interesting without having everything sound alike.  Just like with the last set, you get the feeling for each individual member’s personal style and how it contributes to the overall sound of the group.  This time around, things have a lot more of an EDM/pop feel instead of the more R&B route they had before, but it still sounds good and almost nothing sounds generic or overused.  The one outlier is Foolish, but the ballad serves as a solid closer to a surprisingly hype, mid-tempo EP.

The lyrics seems to be on pretty solid ground this time around, too.  They still have their flirty and sassy sense in just the right places, but they bring things down and get serious when they need to in order to get their point across.  Some of the lines are interesting and there are only a few places where you can tell that they were just trying to make things fit.

We really like this set and look forward to them putting out a full album…one where we get more of the group dynamic and really hear them work together.

Our favorite tracks are DDD and Alice.  The most skippable track is Too Good To Me.