Super Junior is releasing their first album since their 10th anniversary celebration and most of the members went of to the military.  We were curious if they could keep us as engaged as they did with Devil/Magic and, thankfully they did.

One of the things we about the last album that seemed to carry over to this one is the group’s willingness to play with genre expectations.  Of course we get some really good pop with the lead single Black Suit, but we also get a little power ballad with One More Chance, something funky with Spin Up!, and some cool R&B with Girlfriend.  All of the tracks have a nice distinction to them but do hang together well, making for a listen that is engaging and fun without boring the listener.

We really only had a major problem with Scene Stealer, which sounded so much like 24K Magic that we just started singing it instead.  We checked; there are no producers or writers in common so there is no excuse for this much similarity.  The saving grace for the song is the final bridge, the melody of which could have easily been the backbone of this track and still had a nice, funky undertone.  We are expecting someone to do the mashup within the next three hours.

The vocals for this album are just great.  Super Junior is one of the few mega groups that really does a good job of demonstrating full harmony from all the members.  Their harmonies are always layered so that you really do get the scene that everyone is participating.  Too Late is probably the best example of this on the set.  There are so many things going on vocally in that track that it can take a minute to pick up on all of it.  The overall thrust is surprisingly subtle considering the complexity of the sound and shows just how well they handle their craft.

Lyrically, this is probably on par with the majority of their discography.  There are moments with some lines that don’t quite match up and some things that are just things we’ve heard before, but the balance overall is good and there are some interesting plays on words.  You won’t regret seeking out translations.

This is an album worth checking out, even if you aren’t a Super Junior fan.  It may not make you want to do a deep dive into their back catalog, but it will have you picking out favorites and putting them on repeat.

Our favorite tracks are Black Suit, Good Day For A Good Day, and Girlfriend.  The most skippable track is Scene Stealer.