Delleile Ankrah, Akia Jones, Kaine Ofoeme, Ben Sharples and Michael Welch; remember their names because the members of Mic Lowry are going to be a thing in the future.  While they’ve been releasing music through their label since 2015, the Liverpool-based group is starting to get some attention thanks to opening for Justin Beiber and an American media push that has had them gracing stages from The Wendy Williams’ Show to The Today Show.

Can’t Lie is the second single from the group’s new EP and it is an excellent way to get people who haven’t hear them yet in their corner.  The production is smooth with an old-school feel (thanks to the distorted sample that we are having a little trouble placing), but it doesn’t feel dated thanks to the hearbeat-like bassline and skittering snare.  The melody is there but is subdued in order to give the vocalist their place to shine.  It could easily stand on its own thanks to solid variations in the sound, but doesn’t assert itself too much.

Vocally, they have an interesting sound though it is somewhat unrefined.  You can hear how well they merge as a group and the power in their individual solos, it just sounds very raw in terms of pitch continuity and stability.  You can definitely hear some Chris Brown inspiration in the vocals and elements of the writing, but they don’t sound like they are trying to copy the singer as much as having been influenced by him.  The thing that sets them apart are the harmonies which are multi-tiered and full.  The harmonies are what elevate this track from a nice sometime bop to something that is worth putting on repeat.

The lyrics are good…if a little deceptive in terms of mood.  It starts out like an apology for cheating before turning the tables and putting it on the lady in question to forgive because at least [they] didn’t lie to [her].  It’s an interesting bit of emotional manipulation that is underscored by the combination of the vocals and the production.  Sneaky…and we like it.

If you like this track, check out the group’s latest EP, Mood, available on all digital outlets now.