Ty Dolla $ign just has that magic touch with female singers and he is applying it to Ashanti who has just dropped a new single and we have been replaying it all day.

The production is a winner.  It’s bright without being too poppy, a good place for the songstress to be considering that most of her best hits come from a mixture of hip-hop that has been switched up just enough to meet her at her vocals.  The only thing we didn’t like is how it just cuts out at the end; there really seems like should have been a fade-out with the two artists adlibbing into the distance.  The overall mood is oddly hypnotic thanks to the repetitive measures, but there are enough moments of different instruments coming in and dropping out to keep things from getting boring.  It’s a solid club beat.

One thing that you can say is that Ashanti is sounding better than she has in a while.  While she has never been a powerhouse vocalist, she is the kind of singer who knows her voice and usually how best to utilize it.  Her last album had her too much out of her element, but this track puts her right back into it and she shines despite sharing space with an audience favorite feature.

The lyrics are pretty much what you would expect from a Ty$ track.  It’s about getting your money and telling those who seek to step on your joy to bounce while still making sure that those interested in you know how you got it.  Nothing new but fun and still a good listen.

We are excited to see what else Ashanti has on deck.  We haven’t been head over heel for an album by her since The Declaration and would love a return to that energy and fearlessness.  This seems like it could be a good omen…we have to wait and see.