We got a chance to immerse ourselves in this video and track before the official album release on this side of the world and it really made us wonder what the heck we could expect from Lay’s first album.  If I Need U was a solid but lowkey effort to lead off with, Sheep is a over-the-top follow-up that just…wow.

The song is kind of all over the place in terms of the production and it really makes for a chaotic listen when it’s a standalone.  This really feels like a club song in terms of the hype beat and the constant switching despite some oddly minimal instrumentation in some places.  It’s not awful, but there are going to be a lot of people who are going to find something not to like about it.

We also get the feeling we are missing something in translation because some aspects of the track feel incongruous.  We’re not blaming the track itself for this part of it (at least, not until we get a full translation) but it does lessen the appeal some.

The saving grace really is Lay’s charisma.  His delivery as both a rapper and a singer on this work well with this style and his flow is surprisingly strong.  Had the beat offered more support and tried less to be its own entity, this could have worked out better.

As for the visual, there’s just as much going on here as there is in the song and, struggle braids aside, this is pretty entertaining.  It definitely makes us like the song a little more.  The real killer component is the choreo which, of course, shows of just how good a dance Lay is and how he can come with the fluid ballet-like steps before breaking out some hard-hitting hip-hop moves.  Very similar to how we felt about Hello Bitches, we could see ourselves watching this again even though we are not crazy about the track.

Because this track is in Mandarin, we are having trouble finding a translation with our usual sources.  We’ll keep trying, though, and bring it to you as soon as possible.