This is not what we were expecting when we found out this was made in honor of Lay’s grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary.  We expected a sweet and emotional ballad about everlasting love, fidelity and the beauty of growing old together.  Instead we got a funky and bouncy little R&B track that reminds us that old love has a starting point and can still be kind of fun.

Not to be confused with What U Need? (understandable), Lay sound really good in the vocals department…so much so that we are missing him on The War again.  He doesn’t go all out on this track, but he matches the energy of the happy production and gives just enough to keep the track interesting.  It’s not the killer lead-off to a new era we were expecting, but it does bring heart with it and that can’t be discounted.

Our understanding of lyrics is minimal (no translation yet), so we won’t spell out what the lyrics are saying without being sure but, seeing as how he played this for his elders and they apparently love it, we have to think it has a romantic vibe to it (if the video didn’t give that away).

Lay is dropping his album sometime in the next few day, so you know we are coming with that.