K. Michelle is turning her fandom for JAY Z into her own music.  Taking the tagline from his track, Song Cry, she tells us that she isn’t going to let a man see her cry from his hurting her and is going to put that energy into this (or some other) song.

Production-wise, this song is okay.  It’s meant to support the singer and give a small amount of bottom to the more upper register vocals of the lead and it does that.  It won’t be the kind of song that stands out on the beatwork alone, but it’s not so generic that it’s not memorable and you can tell what it is when it starts playing.

Vocally, this song is pretty good.  While we could have done without the sporadic autotune in bridge and transition sections, the chanteuse really is in fine form on this track.  She has energy to match the production and theme of the track and, in fact, outdoes them in a few sections, making herself the driving force and focal point (which is the point).  K. Michelle is up there with Mariah Carey for her ability to belt out a torch song and she really does make you feel her pain from beginning to end.

The lyrics are pretty par for the course for a track like this to a point, but it does have that K. Michelle spin to it that gives them all their personality.  We kind of like the fact that she throws it in the man’s face that she had a hard time staying faithful to him but managed to do it because she loved him and didn’t want to hurt him.  It is usually female singers that make it seem like they don’t have options once they get into a relationship, make for a weird imbalance of power.  It really drives the point home about this being love and not just something that was her only choice and that he has ruined it forever.

This is the third single from the singer’s upcoming album, The People I Used To Know.  No word yet on when the album will be released but it is expected sometime early next year.