We were unsure about the tracks we’ve been seeing from June’s Diary on some of our favorite outlets because they were coming from fan accounts, but it seems that they are getting the endorsement of the group themselves via retweet, so we had to bring one of them to you.

Rather Be In Love is one of those songs that seems like it doesn’t fit a group that is so capable of doing strong vocals (both lead and harmonizing), but as you listen a few more times, you get the full jolt of their performance and how they layer their vocals and utilize the fact that all of them can sing to set up multiple vocals lines to flush things out. They have a good balance of harmonies in several parts along with the solos and have the vocal control to come at things with both subtle and verbose performances in the same lyrical line, showing they know how to emphasize.

It’s lyrically good as well. While we’re not hearing anything we haven’t heard before, we are hearing a story being told and the man in question has gotten the last warning he’s going to get as they are walking out the door. It’s another matter-of-fact style of delivery that simply says they are done without having to be overly sassy and cute about it.

We are even liking the production on this. While it’s not the most modern sounding (we get a little late nineties throwback out of this) and it doesn’t stand alone as some others, it does a good job of supporting the vocals. For a group that can do a cappellas with ease and the way they handle the performance here, this is just enough to keep things interesting without overwhelming the listener.

This series of leaks is proving two things. The first, if we didn’t already know, is that June’s Diary is the real deal. The second thing is that they are not being served well by either their last or current team. They have several tracks that have not hit the public, enough to form a solid mixtape of original material that could easily get them more attention from fans and industry insiders alike but, for some reason, they are all on the backburner and being slipped out one-by-one in the night. All we can hope is that they ladies see this revived interest in them because of this new music and take the initiative to do a drop on their own. They deserve a real chance and we are seeing an opening for them to receive it.

If you like this track, make sure you check out the other song they released this week called Broken Record.