We’re putting all the performances together because they are a great mini-concert when experienced as a unit.

The gentle of BTS have decided to put fans out of their misery and give them a set of live stages that are sure to have them keeling over and resurrecting from beginning to end.

DNA is probably going to be the most non-surprising performance of the bunch simply because they live stage looks a lot like the video and, based on the numbers, BTS fans have been wearing out the replay button on that for two days.  Not that it’s not enjoyable.  The whole group has a stage presence that’s hard to deny and hearing the fanchants are always fun.

The song that everyone was waiting for was Go Go and…it’s going to disappoint a few people (not us, though).  Most fans saw them going in on the choreography for this one and, instead, they opted for the cute route.  The reason we weren’t disappointed is that, even though they have big, goofy smiles on their faces and are clearly not being completely serious, they still put down some nice moves.  But if you really want those hard-hitting steps…

Then you are going to love MIC Drop.  The choreo for this is just…wow.  They come at that stage and dominate it from beginning to end.  Even some of the more…less enthusiastic dancers in the group but in some time for this one.  They never let up for a second and it shows the stamina they have for performing that they don’t look even a little out of breath by the end of this one.

For the last two stages, they take it back for the fans.  No More Dream and I Need U are on deck and it’s going to have longtime and intermediate fans all in their feels as they perform both as effortlessly and flawlessly as veterans who are still not willing to rest on their laurels and take that fan enthusiasm for granted.

It’s only about 20 minutes but ARMYs are going to love it and, if you want to introduce someone to BTS and don’t think a video will do it, this is the way to go.  They are one point and it’s a good holdover until they come to (some) fans with their next concert tour.