Between this and Flower Power, DΞΔN is becoming the king of CFs.

This time teaming up with Puma for their new Run The Streets line in Korea, DΞΔN is dropping another golden track that is meant to have his fans and general consumers flocking to the stores…and it just might do it.

The overall production of the track does fit in with the singer/rapper’s style as an artist, especially if you go back to Put My Hands On You, as you hear the merging of his unique style of R&B with a more EDM-based undermelody.  The tempo for this is faster than that track, though, and fits with the theme of running through the night as it merges a kind of cool overtone with a more frantic backbeat.

DΞΔN’s vocals are nice here.  He has always been able to balance his desire to do more trap vocals with more classic styles of singing, so you never really get sick of hearing him as everything sounds just different enough to keep you from merging track in your head or tuning out altogether.  His delivery is very passionate and fits with the theme of the track in a way that wouldn’t work had it not had that more frenetic tone to compete with.  He manages to stand out against the very well-produced beat and dominate it instead of riding it, a choice that was risky but does pay off in the end.

As with his last CF video, there’s no purchasable version of the track as of yet.  We really need him to get on this as we would love to have this for our phones and MP3 players (yeah…we know).

Sidenote: I need a collab between Puma USA (Rihanna) and Puma KR (DΞΔN) ASAP!

We’ll do our best to bring you a translation as soon as possible.