When is the album coming?  I need to give them my coins!

Another VanJess track, another bop as they swing back into that mellow style that we loved so much from Adore.  The cool jazz of the production is a moodsetter, despite the tone of the lyrics (more on that later).  The minute the track starts, you immediately feel something good washing over you, and that kind of goes with the theme of moving on for your better emotional health.  Darehouse manages to put just enough energy into his work to make you feel it and want to move, but not so much that the point of the track is lost in production sound.

The ladies’ voices are on point despite the fact that they never really “get into” the track.  They have emotional resonance, sure, but that emotion does not come through runs and adlibs as it does with a lot of other singer.  The fact that they can give so much while portraying so little is a skill and really shows of their talents.  The smooth duet harmonies are well layered and do a good job of ebbing and flowing with the beatwork, highlighting lines and moments and setting others apart, making the listener really focus in.

What we really love about this song is that things that is becoming more and more popular among female singers and that giving their significant others the business without feeling the need to be overly sassy or boisterous.  The cool bass of this track and their sweet delivery belies the fact that they are telling this man that they are done with him and the only thing he can do for them is get out.  This always seems more true to life than the sassy ones as women tend to be pretty straight-to-heart with their dismissals once they are done in a relationship and that point comes after the shouting is done and the time to work it out has passed.