Well…hello, Jimin…

When BTS announced a new EP, we had two thoughts.  The first was that we were grateful they weren’t doing another album as it has to be hard to maintain that level of quality over that large a spread of tracks over such a short period of time (four major releases, two mixtapes, and several loosies all in the space of two years).  The second was wondering which direction they would take their sound this time.  They answered the second with an amazing trailer starring Jimin’s vocals and lovely face.

Serendipity is that side of BTS that tends to be hidden to those who don’t buy or stream their projects in full; the artful R&B side.  They have given us hip-hop, hop&B, pop&B, and straight pop as lead singles before, but never anything like this.  This starts off slow and stays consistently that way.  But, unlike some of their previous slow tracks (like Butterfly), there isn’t a build to the production or the backing harmonies.  This causes the listener to focus on the main vocals and that’s great because…

Jimin sounds amazing on this track.  Lie was one of our favorite tracks on You Never Walk Alone (formerly Wings), but there has been an improvement on his tone and strength in such a short period of time.  Those runs, those falsetto leaps, that whispery but still tonally consistent drop in the most important sections, he gives it all and just sweeps the listener away in the song before the 30-second mark.

Of course, one of the things that makes BTS stand out against a lot of their contemporaries is the strength of their lyrics and that is still on display here.  There is a sweetness to the overall tone of the words, but sliding in that the woman in question is his penicillin…wow; it takes the “your love is my drug” cliché and flips it to a healing feeling instead of a high feeling.

We cannot wait for this new project to drop and, of course, we will bring it to you with our review as soon as it does.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.