Alright now, HyunA…

The biggest reason that HyunA’s music works is because of HyunA.  Compare this album to CLC’s Crystyle (which was primarily written and produced by the for former 4Minute frontwoman) and you hear the difference.  While the ladies of CLC do a really good job with most of the tracks, HyunA provides just the right delivery for her particular sound.  The production highlights her vocals just right and gives support in a way that actually amplifies her in the important sections.  The integration of her more synth-heavy default with calmer underlying melodies creates a confluence that is pleasant to the ears and yet still bursts with energy.

Our appreciation also goes to her doing a little less rapping this time around.  She herself has said that she is not that good of a rapper, instead she just has her own talking style that works and we agree; but that style is not meant for long stretches.  Not only does she do a lot of singing this time around, but all but one of the hip-hop heavy tracks have solid feature on them from Wooseok and E-dawn to help balance out her tone and the overall sound of the music.  What we do get is a demonstration that HyunA’s singing might be better than we originally thought as she takes on several different octaves with ease.  We will note that she sounds best when in the alto range, but we understand that female singers with in that range are not as popular in Korea as they are in the US.

The production is nicely varied without descending into chaos as some of her previous EP have.  There is enough variation here to make the entire project sound interesting, but not so much that the six songs sound like they belong on entirely different projects.  The one exception to this would be the first track as it seems like something that should have come out on the last set she released with the more rap-based, party hook.

It really feels like HyunA has grown up a little with this one and yet still maintained her sense of fun.  We are all about this and would love to see more like it in the future.

Our favorite tracks are Babe and Mirror.  The most skippable track is Party (Follow Me) because of how much it stick out in style compared to the cohesiveness of the other tracks.