We may not have been impressed with Hobgoblin, but we like where this group is headed with this EP.

The biggest problem for CLC hasn’t been talent; of all the girl groups in recent memory, they are the ones who seem to have the vocals and songwriting ability to make it break through.  The issue seems to be have been how to market them, especially with their lead singles.  Pepe offered up a nice middle ground of sass and adorable, which seemed to suit them fine, but Cube Entertainment seemed intent on making them choose a particular side of the scale and it hasn’t worked for them.  Luckily, however, that ambiguity isn’t present in the music of this EP.

Hobgoblin not withstanding, this is a pretty solid comeback.  Yes; you can hear the influence of HyunA on the tracks (especially in the rap sections), but most of them don’t feel as like a 4Minute rehash.  What the veteran performer does give them is a little more personality to their production, which has been lackluster since their debut.  The group retains those good harmonies that they came to the table with in 2015.  The songwriting is also pretty solid and reflects the age of the members without making them sound overly young.

This is the best showing the group has put forth yet and we are more eager for new music from them after this than ever before.

Our favorite tracks are Liar, Mistake, and I Mean That.  The most skippable track is Hobgoblin.

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