Following up I Don’t Know in what seems like a developing storyline, Vivian Green tells her significant other that she is not willing to be in a relationship that only seems to be flowing one way.

The lyrics here are really strong as Green takes that old non-committal chestnut of “I’m here, aren’t I?” and turns it on its head; making it less about a sign of love and more about being the beginning of a conditional that ends with “…but maybe, one day, I won’t be.”  She lays out that she has been committed to the relationship and wants it to work, but she’s not going to do it all herself and will not sacrifice her happiness for something that doesn’t work.

The vocals from Green are just beautiful.  She starts off kind of low in tone and thrust, making it seem like a conversation that she is having with him.  By the middle, though, she is somewhat shouting (though the tone never gets annoying or screamy), so that when she gets to the line that says I’m screaming my head off like I’m crazy, you get the emotional thrust of it all and realize she’s at her wit’s end.

The production is surprisingly bright for the subject matter, but it does fit  there is still the taste of the island sound in it, but it’s not so prominent that it melds with the current soundscape and becomes ignorable.  The nice glide to the melody is a great support for Green’s voice and the underlying bass gives a good balance to her tone.

VGVI (unsure as to whether or not that’s the actual title) drops October 6.  You can pre-order it now and get both singles now.