Sammie has decided not to wait any longer to give us new music

Bright and upbeat with the newly popular island sound, this isn’t the deepest song the singer has ever put out, but it still makes sense and has a lot of fun in it.  The bounce of the production is the appeal of this track with its seductive rhythms and calypso sound.  His cadence and fake accent will strike some ears very wrong, but it doesn’t kill the track.

One thing we notice is that, vocally, this is a little dialed back for Sammie.  The track’s pace doesn’t really allow him to go in like the songs on Better did and it really does take away from the replay value.  It’s very obvious this is meant to be a dance track thanks to the minimal song structure and pattern repetition, but there are dance songs out there that have more vocal appeal than this.  It’s not awful by any means, but you probably won’t be coming back to this one once the weather cools down.

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