We’ve been off the Eric Bellinger train for a minute after Cannabliss because a lot of the songs he’s been dropping have been kind of lackluster.  But this new track made us sit up and take notice because of its message and the fact that it showcases his musical assets in a way that many of his recent releases haven’t.

On a track that asks the listener to fight through the strife and reflect the kind of world they want, the singer drops inspiration and activism in a way that is relatable and shows how you can’t depend on others to fix problems for you.  The writing is good; not too full of clichés as to be boring, but not so specific to the black community’s or America’s ills that it limits his audience or the message’s reach.  It can be hard to write a song like this that doesn’t try to shoot the moon in terms of hitting all the “power to the people” and “time for a revolution” notes without becoming overly simplified, but Bellinger does it well.

The vocals are some of the best that Bellinger has dropped in a while.  Over an acoustic guitar we get full harmonies and dynamic lead melodies that get him out of the trap&B rut that he has fallen into something that shows the power of his voice.  He is an excellent singer with a unique tone and he hasn’t been playing that up as much in the last few years.  It feels like he’s gotten back to his roots while still showing development through his stronger writing and vocal compositions.