t4/20 is still a couple of days away, but Eric Bellinger has you set.

One thing we seem to be able to count on Bellinger for is that, when the mood strikes him, he will just drop some music.  We’re less than a month past the release of Eric B for President, Term 2 and he already is bringing more music because he can.  The good news is that this is still nice and there is no diminished quality in the set.

Canabliss is a mostly love-and-smoke-focused set that brings a little romance to the nation celebration of marijuana.  The best thing about this set is that Bellinger gives me what we have ached for from him since he slid into his trap phase–melody.  He may have given us a nice mix of trap and melody on EBFPT2, but every track here (with the exception of Ganja) reminds us of the effort he used to put into that section of his track creation that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

The production of the tracks is solid and have a nice variation without being too disparate for a complete listen.  We were expecting some more of the island flavor of his last EP, but the fact that this almost completely lacks that element shows that the singer does not get stuck in ruts when it comes to his creative process.  The lyrics are good and the metaphor and illusions using smoke and weed are solid and keep up well into the project.

Our favorite songs are Staring At The Ceiling and Not High Enough.  The most skippable track is Ganja because it doesn’t fit the overall theme of the set besides the centrality of weed and the lyrics are the weakest on the set.

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