On his latest, submitter TOPE gives us a track that is a slow-burning fire all about how he stays on top while staying in his lane and how these other rappers stay losing out.

As brag rap tracks go, this is one of the better ones as it does make the listener feel bad for not measuring up as much as it tells you why the artist feels he’s got it over other people.  That may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s the difference between being told, as a listener, that you are lame and being told you act lame and this is how to be better.

The knock of this track gets you right from the beginning and the excellent sample-work create vibe.  The lyrics are good; straightforward without being boring, poetic without being flowery.  With the exception of the repetition of the final chorus/bridge, which stands out as it’s the first time we hear it in the track, the combination of his slower, more methodical flow with the mid-tempo, old-school sampled production is a great combination an really shows off that speed and an accent gimmick are not neccisary to make a solid track.

This is the first single from TOPE’s upcoming EP, due out sometime this August.